Lions have been potent symbols of protection for millennium.

In Chinese tradition Shi Shi placed inside or outside a building are meant to protect your home or workplace from negative energy. It is said these guardian lions will stop anyone with malicious intent from entering your home.

I have a great affinity with lions... the lion is my spirit animal, aside from being a Leo, I have always thought of lions as protectors, it makes sense, I was born in London where the lion has a strong presence.

Our Shishi  reflect our broad cultural background at Tufts.  A European tradition, with British, along with a Malaysian Chinese heritage. This work reflects this our encounters with dogs, lions, deities in our travels of the world.

Tufts makes ceramics that reflect our interpretation of the world. Our shishi are decorative ceramic, each a unique handcrafted sculpture, but they also fulfill a purpose in providing a talisman of protection.